Councillor Candidates

With the upcoming election mid-October, I just wanted to give the readers here a list of all the other councillor candidates to see the competition. I wish them all the best of luck!

From the list below, 5 are to be elected: 

Name Email Telephone Website
Karl vom Dorff 1-289-435-2055
Adam Bureau info@electadambureau 1-905-376-8151
Nicole Beatty 1-289-251-3171
Miriam Mutton 1-905-373-0159
Brian Darling 1-905-372-8981  
Emily Chorley 1-647-633-6508  
Johnny Percolides 1-289-251-4907  
Travis Hoover 1-905-376-2746  
Aaron Burchat 1-905-372-5691  


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